WilLite Frameless fabric light box WD10-1T
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WilLite Frameless fabric light box WD10-1T
Frameless, fabric face, slilcon edge strip channel;
High illumination;
Low energy consumption;
Symmetric illuminating;
Easy and flexible installation, low maintenance;
Environment-friendly, Long life;
CE, UL, ROHS certificates.

WilLite Frameless Fabric Light Box WD10-1T

        WD10-1T is a creative frameless fabric light box. Its thickness could be 40mm/60mm/ 80mm/ 100mm/ 120mm. By using advanced backlit or edge-lit diffusing LED bars, its illumination is more than 3000lux in the center, and its light is very symmetric without dim area and streak. It can present high quality images with brilliant true colours. 

       The fabric poster is a backlit textile with high light diffusion properties. The Fabric poster can be changed quickly and easily as it has a silicone strip stitched to the edge which simply pushes into a channel around the front sides of the light box profile. The fabric poster is held in place under tension once all four sides have been pushed into the aluminum profile.

Features and Benefits:

1. Changing backlit fabric poster simply.
Aluminum frame with channel.Stretched poster, frameless light box.
2. Saving space.
Min.depth only 4cm, less space.

3. Providing a good advertising display. 
WilLite backlit/edge-lit diffusing LED bars, high illumination, more than 3000lux in the center as demand, twice diffusing light, special super-wide-angle lens, very symmetrical without dim area and streak, visual comfort.Back panel uses aluminum plastic plate.
4. Reducing the use-cost.
Hight efficiency and energy saving. saving 30% than domestic similar products. Aluminum substrate and aluminum bar helps LED to dissipate heat, and prolong the using lifetime. Safe and reliable adapters. Low maintenance.
5. Reducing the installation costs.
Assembled and unassembled available, easy assenbling and installation. 
6. Considerate services to eliminate users' worries.
Timely response and technological guidance, focused on details, removing possible defaults. 


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WilLite frameless fabric light box

WilLite frameless frabric light box

WilLite frameless fabric light box

WilLite frameless fabric light box

WilLite frameless fabric light box

WilLite frameless fabric light box

Our Advantages:

We are a professional manufacturer.
We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology(CNC Laser Micro-Dot Engraving) and symmetric illuminating LED bar technology.
We have a professional and experienced team.
We have a strong customer-oriented approach and a detail-focused practice.
We offer custom-built service, quick response and fast delivery. 

backlit diffusing LED bar

Edge-lit diffusing led bar


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