Waved Slim Light Box
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Waved Slim Light Box
Waved slim light box, snap-open frame;
Special and strong frame aluminum extrusions;
Perfect oxidation treatmenton on the surface;
High illumination more than 2500 Lux in the center;
Symmetric illuminating,Low energy consumption;
Easy installation, low maintenance;
Environment-friendly, long life;
CE ROHS UL certificates.

WilLite Waved Slim Light Box


         Waved slim light box WD10-1W is an unique curved and eye-catching slim light box. Its thickness is only 20.5mm. By using advanced CNC LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving) light guide panel, its illumination is more than 2500 Lux in the center, and its light is very symmetric without hotspot, dim area and streak. It can present high quality images with brilliant true colours. Its tool-free snap open frame let it to change poster easily.       
         Waved slim light box WD10-1W could be custom-made to match various convex surface and concave surfaces, or stand freely. 

Features and Benefits:

1. Meeting users' special needs for waved slim light box.
Waved slim light box, convex and concave surfaces are available.

2. Saving space.
Ultra slim, depth only 2.05cm, less space.

3. Providing a good advertising display.
CNC LMDE acrylic light guide panel, high illumination, more than 2500lux in the center, symmetric illumination more than 90%, visual comfort. 24V DC working voltage, performing better in drop voltage.

4. Reducing the use-cost.
Hight efficiency and energy saving. Surrounding heat sink helps LED to dissipate heat, and prolong the using lifetime. Safe and reliable adapters. Low maintenance.

5. Reducing the installation costs.
All-in-one, lightweight all-aluminum construction, ready to hang, easy installation. 

6. Considerate services to eliminate users' worries.
Timely response and technological guidance, focused on details, removing possible defaults. 


- Indoor & Outdoor advertising waved slim light box
- Retail point-of-sale signage & displays/showroom, trade show and exhibition light box
- Hotel, Cinema, airport and shopping mall advertising light box
- Architectural feature walls and panels advertisement
- Maps and direction singages
- Ceiling, floor, counter-top or shelving panels decoration
- Safety & information signage
- Government and public transport advertising (e.g. taxi backs, trucks, trains, trams and buses)

WilLite waved slim light box 1

WilLite waved slim light box

Our Advantages:

We are a professional manufacturer.
We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology--- CNC Laser Micro-Dot Engraving.
We have a professional and experienced team.
We have a strong customer-oriented approach and a detail-focused practice.
We offer custom-built service, quick response and fast delivery. 

Advantages of WilLite ultra slim light box

WilLite Large size slim light box

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