Mega scrolling light box
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Mega scrolling light box
Mega light box(1.5m x 3.0m)
Digital programcontrol scrolling system
Single side and double sides are availabe
Lighting syetem: fluorescent lamp or LED strip

Mega light box & Billboard (1.5m x 3m)

Mega light box & Billboard(1.5m x 3.0m) is a popular city light box. It features eye-catching, very noticeable, cost-effective, easy installation and easy maintenance.

Product description:

Light box size: 3000mmW x 1500mmH x 270mmT (customization is available)
Base size: 2800mm height 
Advertising graphic size: 2900mmW x 1400mmH
single side or double sides are available.
Visual size: 2800mmW x 1300mmH
Light box material: galvanized steel plain sheet 1.5mm
Base material: galvanized steel plain sheet 1.5mm
Material surface treatment:  spray paint, rust-proof, easy to clean
Door open method:  2 gas springs,gas struts ensure safe opening and operation 
Door flame:  flameless alunminum extrusion
Door material: 8mm tempered glass, ceramic printing visual border
Lock: one lock at the bottom, embedded type anti-theft lock 
Hinges:  inner hinge, beautiful, rust-proof and durable
IP rating  IP55
Timer:  integrated in the main controller,controlling daily lighting on and off
Isolation strategy: RCD switch (electrical leakage protection)
earthing system connecting roller,lighting,body, door and base)
water proof, sand proof, anti insect, anti-ultraviolet 
Work temperature range:  -40 to +80
Scrolling system: WL-DPSS5
Poster capacity: 6pcs per side (static poster could be available)
Lighting syetem: #1. LED strip
#2: fluorescent lamp