Digital programcontrol scrolling system
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Digital programcontrol scrolling system
creative technologies
#1. Automatic graphic-tensed system
#2. Stored digital program control
#3. Adjusting parameters arbitrarily
#4. Energy conservation
#5. Installing backlit graphic by clip style instead of adhesive style.

Digital programcontrol scrolling system

Creative technologies

#1. Automatic graphic-tensed system

When the scrolling system starts, it positions the first graphic by automatic lock instead of jumping-off. Thus avoid the posibility of the graphic broken or separated from the roller. While the scrolling system work and stop, automatic graphic-tensed system will always keep the graphics be tensed and get advertisement displayed well.

#2. Stored digital program control

Everyone could set all parameters easily while he follows the stored digital programs. The control of scrolling system and the control of backlit lighting is all-in-one.

#3. Adjusting parameters arbitrarily

All following parameters could be set by user according his actual demand.

position of each graphic

stop time of each graphic

start-up speed

start-up length

stop speed

stop length

time switch for scrolling system

time switch for backlit lighting

designated showed graphic after the scrolling system stops


#4. Energy conservation 

An DC brushless motor could be suitable for double-sided light box. Thus could save energy and work more stably.  

#5. Installing backlit graphic by clip style instead of adhesive style

#6. Anti-interference and electrostatic prevention

Special treatments let our scrolling system be anti-interference and electrostatic prevention. Thus our scrolling system could work stably and durably.


Automatic graphic-tensed system --- reduce maintenance

Stored digital program control ----- simple to set 

DC brushless motor ----- durable

Big diameter roller has big gear wheel ---- wear resistance, durable

Scrolling system includes adpater,main controler, motor roller, roller, aluminum tube, toothed belt and roller fixed block. --- easy to use 


Brand Name:  WilLite
Material:  Aluminium
Model Number:  WL-DPSS5
Motor:  DC brushless
Input Voltage:   AC 110-240V  50/60Hz
Working Voltage:  DC 24V
Rated Power:  60W
Working Power:  about 40W for single side light box
 about 30W for double-sided light box
Roller Diameter:  81mm, equipped aluminum tube
Weight:   12kgs for single side light box 1.2m x 1.8m
 20kgs for single side light box 1.2m x 1.8m
Speed(cm/s):  0~250cm/s, adjustable, 120-150cm/s suggested
Noise  noiseless under speed 130cm/s. about 20-45 decibels above 130cm/s.
Working Temperature Range:   -40+80
Sugestted graphic size:   1.2m x 1.8m   2m x 4m
Graphic quantities:  2-6 pcs each side
Guarantee:  2 years

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