Fabric Light Box WD-1001800
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Fabric Light Box WD-1001800
Fabric Face Light Box, Fabric Light Box, aluminum profile, aluminum extrusio

Fabric Light Box WD-1001800


WD-1001800 is our  fabric face light box with single side, which could be hanged on wall.


After sewed silicon tape on the back edge of graphic fabric, it is easy to inset the silicon tape in the groove on the frame. It is  unnecessary to move the frame for changing graphics. Modularized side light LED strips light the image well. The connecting wire with a male connector and a female connector is easy to connect and safe.


It seems frameless and symmetrical lighting. And the graphic fabric is tight and flat.


It is assembled and disassembled easily. Thus it is portable to ship and carry.


 Art. No.:   WD-1001800

Material:  Aluminium extrusion, 60mm depth, single side

LED lighting: Backlit S621 or Side light SL0630

Colour:    Silver

Fabric light box size:  100mmW x 1800mmH

Packaging:  carton

Packing:   1 pc/carton

Feature:   Simple, elegant

Marks:    Fabric light boxes in any sizes are available.

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