Fabric Pop-up WD2-4
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Fabric Pop-up WD2-4
Fabric Pop-up, Velcro pop-up


Aluminium Frame

WD2-4 is a strong and reliable pop-up system, made of heavy square-shaped aluminium tubes. It provides a quick framework for dispalying your graphics in seconds.
Easy velcro connecting
WD2-4 has hook belt on the framework. You just put loop belt on the back of graphics, then let loop belt connect hook belt together. Thus a seamless graphic display is finished easily and quickly. 
Enhanced stability
The locks on the WD2-4  help you to stabilise your display. 
Everything will be packed into a canvas bag, which protects the graphic and WD2-4 well. 
Art. No.:   WD2-4
Material:   Aluminium
Colour:   Silver
Visual size:   3*3, 2300mmW * 2300mmH 
Weight:   20kgs/22kgs
Packaging:  Canvas bag
Packing:   1pc/ctn   (32*32*86cm)
Feature:   velcro connecting
Marks:   4*3 are available.Different connectors are available.
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