Large Format Light Box WD10-6
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Large Format Light Box WD10-6
Large format, Easy transportation, Self-build and install, Completed solutions, Energy efficient lighting,Even light distribution with no hotspots, Easy to change graphics.


 Large Format Light Box WD10-6


Light boxes are one of the best ways to attract a customer's eye and let advertising be noticed. We are able to supply ultra slim light box, crystal light box, large format light box and fabric light box.


Large Format Light Box WD10-6 is made from the aluminum frame(profile WP140-1), lenticular LED backlit lamp(SDU20) or sidelight (SL0630) and backlit banner.



Easy transportation

Easy installation

Completed solutions

Energy efficient lighting

Even light distribution with no hotspots

Easy to change graphics

Low maintance

Various sizes available



Profile WP140-1:  6m/pc

Backlit LED Lamp:  SDU20 series  600mm/pc, 800mm/pc, 1200mm/pc, 1400mm/pc, 1800mm/pc

Sidelight LED Lamp: SL0630 series  300mm/pc, 600mm/pc, 900mm/pc, 1200mm/pc



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