Open Cap Type WD10-1OP
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Open Cap Type WD10-1OP
Ultra slim, 3mm thickness light guide panel
High illumination 2500lux
Low energy consumption, saving 70% than fluorescent lamp, saving 20-30% than other panels
Symmetric light, more than 95%
Easy to use and install, lightweight
Environment-friendly, long life

 Open Cap Type WD10-1OP

WD10-1OP is a popular slim light box, which are used widely indoor and outdoor. Its thickness is only 26mm. By using latest DSE (Diamond Sandblast Engraving) light guide panel, its illumination is up to 2500lux, and its light is very symmetric without dim area and streak. It can present high quality images with brilliant true colours. Its open cap style could protect the backlit graphics very well.

Art. No.
Body size
(L x W x Dmm)
Image size
(L x Wmm)
Visual size
(L x Wmm)
WD10-1OP A2 646 x 472 x 26 594 x 420 560 x 386 7.6 4.5
WD10-1OP A1 893 x 646 x 26 841 x 594 807 x 560 15.1 7.4
WD10-1OP A0 1241 x 893 x 26 1189 x 841 1155 x 807 32.8 13.7

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