Spring Pop-up WD2-1
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Spring Pop-up WD2-1
Spring pop up



Aluminium Frame

WD2-1 is a strong and reliable pop-up system, made of aluminium tubes. It provides a quick framework for dispalying your graphics in seconds.

Easy magnetic connections

By attaching the magnetic tapes onto the back of graphics, the graphics could be easily locked on the framwork with the iron bars. This manner will provide you with a seamless graphic display easily and quickly. 


Everything will be packed into a wheeled hard plastic case, which protects the graphics and WD2-1 very well. This plastic case could turn into an promotional table if you like.

Different sizes available

WD2-1 comes in straight or curved shapes. 3*3 and 3*4 are available.


Art. No.:     WD2-1

Material:     Aluminium

Colour:   Silver

Visual size: 3*3,   2300mmW * 2300mmH

Weight:   20kgs/25kgs

Packaging:   Trolley case

Packing:  1pc/ctn   (44*44*94cm)

Feature:   spring to retract

Marks:   Straight or curved shapes are available.Including two spotlights, PVC sheets, metal bars, magnetic stripes and top plastic bars.

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