What are advantages and disadvantage
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What are advantages and disadvantages of constant current driving LED Bars?

The constant current driving LED Bars have following advantages:

1. The constant current driving style has no drop voltage, which means that the brightness of LEDs from the very beginning to the end of the led bar is almost the same.  

2. The constand current driving style does not need regulating resistors. So it is more energy saving than the constant voltage driving style.

3. The current is fixed like 0.7A or 0.35V. The temperature of whole circuit will not be higher and work more stably.

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The constant current driving LED Bars have following disadvantages:

1. According to the quanities of LEDs, the constant current driving LED Bars must choose suitable adapter. Too large or too small adapers will not ensure its stable working.

2. The adapters of constant current output are not easier to get and not cost-effective.

3. Its LED work in series. Some LED breakdown will influence other LEDs working.

4. Each LED works independently. Some LED breakdown will not influence other LEDs working.

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