Why we use light box to display ads?
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Why we use light boxes to display advertisements and services?

     Light boxes are widely recognised as one of the most effective advertising mediums. Illuminated promotional posters or signs will catch customerss' eyes more than the non-illuminated posters or signs.

     Why we use light boxes to display advertisements and services?

#1. The light boxes could promote sales increase.

The light boxes will attact customers's attention, due to the brightness in contrast to its surroundings. Once the consumers focus has been commandeered, the light box will efficiently deliver advertising messages about a specific product promotion.

#2. The light boxes could improve brand awareness.

High quality light boxes will upgrade the brand, and build a positive image in the mind of the viewers.

#3. The light boxes could increase footfall.

Most retailers use light boxes in shop windows to promote new products or services, and atract customers to come in and ultimately increase footfall.

#4. The light boxes could create ambience.

The light boxes could decorate the environment by simply and easily changing the posters, and create suitable ambience.

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