What types of light boxes are there?
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What types of light boxes are there?

According to the light source, there are LED light boxes and fluorescent lamp light boxes. As people pay more and more attention to energy conservation, the LED light boxes are becoming more and more popular. The LED light boxes can be divided into the light guide panel(LGP) light boxes and LED light bar light boxes. The light guide panel(LGP) light boxes use the light guide panel(LGP) as illuminating. The engraved acrylic plate diffuses the light from the edge LED strip. This achieves the light guide panel lighting sucessfully from the LED dot lighting. The LED light bar light boxes use the LED bars as illuminting. The LED bars have backlit LED bar and edge-lit LED bar. The backlit LED bar is installed on the back of light box. The edge-lit LED bar is installed on the side of light box. The LED on the bar could have diffusing len or not. But in order to achieve hight bright and high symatrical illunimating, The LED bar with diffusing len is used more and more.

According to the open type, there are snap-open light boxes, open cap light boxes, magnetic light box and fabric face light boxes. The user could choose the suitable type according to need.

The snap-open light boxes are opened from the four sides of the light box by clip frame. It is the most common.

WilLite snap open light box

The open cap light boxes are opened from the one side of the light box by the cap. The cap is fixed on one side of light box by hinges. The cap could be lockable and protect the backlit poster very well.

WilLite open cap light box

The magnetic light boxes use the magnets to fix the acrylic cap. While changing the backlit poster, the users open and close the acrylic cap by sucker. 

WilLite magnetic light boxes

The fabric face light boxes use the fabric poster instead of the backlit film. The fabric poster is a backlit textile with high light diffusion properties to ensure an excellent distribution of light. The fabric poster can be changed quickly and easily as it has a silicone strip stitched to the edge which simply pushes into a channel around the front sides of the light box profile. The fabric poster is held in place under tension once all four sides have been pushed into the aluminum profile. At present, some users use the pvc film to replace the fabric sometimes.

There are special acrylic light boxes, which are opened by screws or magnetic strips.

WilLite acrylic light boxes

According to the lighting side, there are single side light box and double sides light box.

According to the thickness of light boxes, there are ultra slim light boxes and usual light boxes. The ultra slim light boxes are from 8mm to 35mm, which use the light guide panel. Their max. size is 6000mm x 2000mm. The usual light boxes are from 40mm to 400mm, which use fluorescent lamp or LED bar. Their max. sizes are not limited as need.

At last, there are pressure-plastic light boxes. They use the fluorescent lamp or LED bar as illuminating. But they do not use backlit posters. They print the graphics directly on the plastic faces by silk-screen or other printing ways.