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Wilson Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional high-tech enterprise specialized in production, sales, research and development of multiple purpose LED light boxes and display systems.Our headquarter is in Hangzhou. We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology CNC LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving). The LMDE light guide panel distributes the light more efficiently and evenly across the entire face of the panel, and achieve a bright, homogeneous illumination, which makes the image look fantastic and gets the signage noticed.

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★ WilLite cosmetics chain stores photography lightboxes      Apr.19,2018

The OMEY cosmetics chain stores use WilLite photography lightboxes to present products advertisements. They are installed on the goods shelves and walls. 

★ Clothing chain stores using WilLite photo lightbox WD10-1S      Apr.19,2018

The clothing chain stores use WilLite photo lightboxes to present their clothing advertisements.

★ What types of light box are there?        Apr. 11,2018

According to the light source, there are LED light boxes and fluorescent lamp light boxes. As people pay more and more attention to energy conservation, the LED light boxes are becoming more and more popular. 

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