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Wilson Technologies Co., Ltd. is a professional professional high-tech enterprise, which is specialized in production, sales, research and development of LED light boxes and display systems. Our headquarter is in Hangzhou. 

    We have advanced light guide panel engraving technology CNC LMDE (Laser Micro-Dot Engraving). WilLite light guide panel distributes the light more efficiently and evenly across the entire face of the panel, and achieve a bright, symmetrical illumination, which makes the image look fantastic and gets the signage noticed. 

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News & Events

WilLite backlit LED diffusing bar in the Metro light boxes                      Dec. 05, 2018

Hangzhou Metro started to try WilLite constant-current backlit LED diffusing bars in their light boxes. After 3 months, Hangzhou Metro got a conclusion, that WilLite constant-current backlit LED diffusing bars work stably and durably, and have high light efficiency and save a lot of electric energy.

Are they windows or slim light boxes?                   Nov. 27, 2018

The room has a large wall, and is lack of windows. But the designer uses 4 pcs of large size slim light boxes, and display a whole garden photos. The viewers will think there is a garden outside the room. The slim light boxes not only decorate the room, but also light the room too.

WilLite frameless LED backlit outdoor light box                        Nov. 21, 2018

WilLite Frameless Backlit Light Box WD10-85S is a side opening frameless LED light box, which use backlit PVC banner as graphics. Made with aluminum extrusion, the frame of WilLite frameless backlit light box is lightweight, strong and durable. The facing edge is only 4mm wide for a virtually frameless appearance that maximizes the available display area. The thickness of aluminum frame is 85mm. Standard finish is anodized silver. Side opening is very helpful to change backlit banner.